This Little Piggy

This Little Piggy

This little Piggy (who has two thumbs, bright yellow pants and shiny silver boots) is going to the High Point Furniture Market today, tomorrow and the next day, and the day after that and that and that, to do a little shopping for some clients and the store. I’m so excited, and quite certain that I’ll be saying “wee, wee, wee,” all the way home. And an extra bonus- spring is finally here!


Sunday Crafternoon

kiss my crafters will be meeting Sunday, March 11th at JoAnn’s house for our next crafting session. Please email me to let me know if you are coming or need directions or if you need to reserve materials (we still have some left. ) We will be working on our glass necklaces with a transparent image inside which shoud only cost us about $5. If you haven’t had time to send your image to Lori, don’t fret– we’ll bring some extras.

Hope to see you soon.

Yellow Fever

It seems I still have a thing for yellow. I’m totally loving all the daffodils bursting up from the ground with their bright and cheery color (especially juxtaposed against the grey days.

I’m also digging the mosaic tool on flickr. This is my first attempt (and it’s all yellow,) but I am sure there will be many more of these to come. Click on the link if you want to know more about these pictures.

And the yellow cover of Blueprint magazine had me all excited. I really thought there was going to be more yellow inside, but alas, it was just a tease. Still, the magazine had some great little tidbits like this creative and inexpensive way to display art or pictures. I’m perpetually getting tired of my art/photos on my walls, and what a quick and easy way this would be to replace them.

And my thrifted vintage crafty Creative Hands series. (Again, I’ll get some pictures of the insides of these babies sometime real soon.) They truly are gems.

I’ve tried painting walls yellow before, but I’ve never really had much luck with it, and I’ve always ended up painting over them in a matter of days. The color changes so much during the day, and it can sometimes come across downright manic. Although, I do have to say that I am very much drawn to yellow houses– both of my former houses were yellow, and there are a few mustardy, almost orangey yellow houses in town that are really attractive.

I love the wallpaper on the Blueprint cover, but there’s no mention of where to find it in the resource guide, and I’m sure that it probably costs a bazillion dollars.  I could imagine it in my front foyer, although it does make me recall a short story that I read and then adapted for a performance in college– The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. It’s a great story, written in the late 1800’s about a woman’s descent into madness from depression (possibly post-partum, and her Doctor/husband’s treatment for her.) She writes in her journal about the yellow wallpaper in her room, and she eventually starts to believe that the swirls and designs in the patterns is women trapped in the wallpaper.

And back to the Blueprint cover–I also really like those vintage enamel bowls that were found on eBay. Does anybody out there know who makes those or better yet, have any that you want to unload? I already have a problem with bowls– too many bowls that catch too much clutter, but those sure would be pretty clutter catchers, wouldn’t they?  Too many bowls (yellow or otherwise) filled with clutter might launch my husband into a descent of madness.

Ooh ooh, and don’t forget the cute, cute duck. I want that cute duck, and I thought I even had the Mr. convinced that we should get a duck a while back ago, and then he backed out.  Anybody out there have a duck you need to unload?

Don’t believe the tabloids

I don’t know about Angelina or Katie Holmes or Britney, but I have to come forward and apologize for any confusion from the previous post.

Looking in the mirror sometimes, I feel like my stomach is permanently stretched out enough to host a full term baby or two, but I can confidently say that I am in NO way pregnant. If I were, I think the Mr. would have a fit since he cut me off; that wasn’t the only thing that got cut off if you know what I mean. No, no not that— only the vas deferens. For those of you still wondering, he had a vasectomy, so no more babies for the Hickseses. I guess I will have to live vicariously through the other crafty ladies around me having babies.

So I will be taking my bundle of baby girl goodies to a baby shower for a friend and old neighbor on Sunday. She is due with baby girl #3 real soon.

B is for…

bitty baby booties

Bitty baby booties– thanks to Heather Bailey’s bitty baby bootie pattern.

baby bib

Bib– first attempt, I may need to refine this– it’s quilted and fairly thick

Blanket– in the softest terry with a quilted edge.

B is for baby (we’re almost certain she’s a girl)

B is for baby shower gifts (to be delivered next week)

B is for bye bye — see you soon

oh yeah, and O is for one little bitty appliqued onesie

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Crafting Courage

These vintage white buttons have been calling my name for awhile. There are a few items like these buttons in my stash that seem too precious for me to use. I believe that somehow with my novice craft skills I will not be able to create something worthy of their beauty. So, they sit patiently in a box on a shelf waiting for me to find the inspiration and the courage to make use of them. Well, last night was the night. Too exhausted to sit frustrated at my sewing machine but not tired enough to veg in front of the telly the idea and the courage appeared. And there I was on the sofa singing along to some really great bossa nova tunes, happily creating the bracelet. The heart prism necklace soon followed. The prism was a gift and the beads were salvaged from some other abandoned jewelry

My name is Kelly. Crafts that occupy my time include photography, sewing, knitting, crocheting, collage and jewelry. Thanks for inviting me to join this talented group of makers.

Teaching thyself a craft

Traveling this weekend….I took a pile of magazines and a needle and some thread for a very small practice stitching project to my parents house. I ended up prowling in my mother’s sewing stuff – there are some amazing things in there. Some of her items and patterns and fabrics are meshed in my mind from childhood. I found a small non-intimidating book…”Learn to Knit”, circa 1975 (the cover model looked happy about it at least…)

how-to-knit-book-1975.JPG It’s not outdated, cause how many steps are there in knitting?? I quote the book: 4 basic steps of knitting …how to cast on, how to knit, how to purl, how to cast off…..

I also found my grandmother Wallene’s sewing box – a huge wicker and pink fabric accented box that my mom offered to me months ago (before KMC – or B.KMC.). I didn’t take it then, but what a treat now. It’s funny how perceptions change. It’s the same box, but me now enlightened on a new journey (and that my friends, another post for another day). I piled up some other items, a left behind box of embroidery thread, an orange spool of thread to “ask (again) before taking”, to not assume I can just help myself – but we know! We can’t help ourselves!

I took the knitting book upstairs. I remembered there was a pair of circular knitting needles somewhere in a closet that I had purchased at least 10 years ago. After looking over the diagrams, I found the needles AND a skein of green yarn and started the process.

the-first-step-in-knitting.JPG getting-somewhere.JPG

I did start and restart AND instead of critiquing my work and a few dropped stitches I kept going. I focused on technique and how to hold the yarn with the right amount of tension and how to hold the needles. The book stayed in my lap so I could easily refer to the instructions, and after knitting for a while, I purled for a few rows. Then I mixed them – I read AFTER a few rows that you’re supposed to start with the opposite stitch on a new row. No mistake – I’m sure of it, only a different pattern.

A photo with my knitted piece – with various and dropped stitches (i.e. holes!)


Voila! And the final cast off…


Next challenge – counting! I wanted to try simple ribbing. I can relate to this – a sweater sleeve! 2 knit, 2 purl, 2 knit, 2 purl….etc.

practice-ribbing.JPG I did this on the drive home today.

The few hours I sat around attempting this new craft, both my mom and dad related stories of knitters they knew… those women who never left home without their knitting and how one of them could hold eye contact and conversation with you as they knitted click…click…clicking away. (I know you’re out there….invite me over! I’d love to learn from a master or journey along with a beginner like me!) How about a KMC afternoon of knitting? Practice ribbing becomes a sweater sleeve or a collar…. even a simple piece of knitting – make a square! – is a washcloth. Possibilities abound!